L Lost

Pronouns: They/Them
Identification: Androgyne

Born April 28, 1993

Sarah Nokomis, is a Photographer, Musician, and Creative based out of Grand Rapids Michigan. Their focus is in live concert and performance photography, while giving priority to self expression of performers in capturing the depth of expression present in their music.

Notable artists Sarah has worked with in the past include: Lung, Jack and The Bear, Jean Rohe, Conrad Shock and The Noise, Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Trope, The Truth Band, Bob Lanzetti (Snarky Puppy), Y-Not, and Abandoned War.

“In 2008, it was one of my first times behind a camera. My parents had both had 35mm Canon Cameras they used for family events and when they would bike together. It was a similar experience to what I had being a musician, kind of like a learning through osmosis, but instead of books it was my parents.” “ I shot my father’s wedding to his second wife, and I could feel everyone staring at me. I wasn’t sure what to expect…But when it came to printing photographs afterward, mine were the one’s he framed.”

”I felt like I had to pick one, so in 2011 I chose to attend college for Jazz composition and performance with an emphasis on Guitar studies. But with my first student loan I found myself at a camera store picking up a T3i and out on my bike shooting the streets I was finding myself on.”

”It’s something of a crossover, I want to make images that shake you, that make you feel something, and I want to make music where which you can notice that everything you are arises from this silence in the human soul (John Cage being a deep influence on my philosophy of art). Even the most powerful thoughts or emotions you have are in that of themselves ‘empty’. Not meaningless, dear God anything but meaningless, and not ‘Non-Existent’. But to make people aware that everything that a human being is, arises from, and fades back to this eternal emptiness. The Sunyata of the Buddhists, the Divine Mother or Primordial Conscious of the Hindus, The Ain Sof of the Cabbala. Derived from it’s own causes and it’s own conditions”.

Sarah uses Sony 35mm Digital Mirrorless Systems, Mamiya 120mm Film SLR, and Canon F-1 35mm Film SLR Systems with Godox Speedlights and Strobes.

Sarah Hopes to Continue Shooting professionally while obtaining a Masters of the Arts in Comparative Religions, with a minor in Anthropology. They hope to combine their unique experience into a Craft, by which to create a interdisciplinary Art to comment on the individual experience of life through a singular consciousness, and the shared experiences and ‘initiations’ by which we become human.

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